Gods Great Salvation Plan

I wish to explore this grossly misunderstood topic in some detail in this post, starting with what or who God is, and including if we need salvation, and from what, and why…


Anyone who attempts to describe God can quite rightly be called a fool, for only God through his own internal potency can ever know the fullness of his unlimited being.

If we consider that this whole universe is maintained by just a tiny fraction of God’s whole being and that we, as earthbound humans are severely restricted in our sense abilities, then we can easily see that any attempt to describe God will be utterly inadequate. God is simply incomprehensible to the human mind in its present aberrated condition.

Yet here I am, an unqualified ordinary person, attempting to answer this confusing question of who God is. The desire to do this is strong. If nothing else it is my desire to provide some clarification to what appears to be an unacceptably muddled understanding of God. So please forgive me my foolishness as I become a fool in order to complete this compelling task.

I know that I can never hope to describe God fully but I will try my best to describe what (little) I have learnt and understood in the sincere hope that in some small way the knowledge of God will be easier to find, understand and assimilate.

After many years of religious study and observation I reached the conclusion early on that all was not well with the christian church. What I read in the scriptures, and compare that to the actual practices and activity I observed in the various church denominations I found irreconcilable differences as to what the church is and what it was and should be now.

It is my sincere wish that I may, through God’s grace, enlighten at least some small part of what is dark in our hearts and in the world today by means of this simple communication.

And so, with inadequate words I beg your indulgence while I attempt the impossible.


If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. [Voltaire]

When you say that word – God – what or who do you envisage in your minds eye? There will no doubt be many different visual images according to many cultural, religious, national and other variations. I have discovered too that many make similar claims about one supreme God even with their different names and visual images.

I like to understand the meaning and origin of words and this word ‘God’ seems to be used for many different meanings, including expletives, so the first place to start if you wish to understand something is to understand the word. In this case God is derived from the Germanic word – gut, which in turn evolved into Got, and simply means good or the good.

Ok, so although we can see that this is only one aspect of what most people understand to be God it is by no means the only aspect. However to refer to ‘God’ as ‘The Good’ would perhaps put the meaning more into perspective.

There are many names for God and gods. And many refer to their God as the only supreme creator God. Which raises the question – “is there more than one?” Or do we call the very same God by different names?

Beware the fat pig

There are some very dangerous people in this world.

The most dangerous are those who seek to control you. They overtly or mostly covertly suppress you. They wish to deprive you of your freedom to be.

Surviving the suppression of these control freaks takes some doing.

But before we start with the difficult task identifying them, lets have a look at some background information.

I first came accross the idea that these people actually exist and are dangerous from Scientology, where they are referred to as SP’s. (Suppressive personalities.)

Over the years I have collected a list of traits That I have personally observed these suppressive personalities to have.

  • Invalidates or belittles you and your achievements
  • Preys on and exploits the weak, helpless and vunerable
  • Wrong targets (Angry with you but kicks the dog.)
  • Pets are usually shivering, fearful wrecks.
  • Rule by fear
  • Quick to blame others
  • Never interested in explanations or true facts
  • Tells lies easily
  • Never at fault
  • Always right. Even when glaringly wrong
  • Expert impersonators
  • Different faces for different people
  • Can be loud and aggressive
  • Make others feel guilty and inadequate
  • Spreads gossip and slanders easily
  • Pretends others ideas are their own
  • Never gives encouragement or praise
  • Wears different masks for different people
  • Prevents one from getting or having
  • Withholds vital information
  • Sets one up to make them wrong
  • Unhappy to share information
  • Lack of love – hatred is present
  • Quick wit and answers
  • Dominates situations and conversations
  • Grabby, takes stuff, hoarder
  • Never takes nicely always grabs it out of your hand
  • Selfish – finds it difficult to part with possessions
  • Has an appearance of good but lacks substance
  • Dramatises unnecessasarily
  • Drains your spirit, any contact leaves you feeling empty and depressed
  • Expert at insulting others
  • Get tongue tied and make mistakes in their presence
  • Operates with ulterior motives


More real soon…

I write slowly and will add bits regualarly so please check back…